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FlamingosThis is where we plan to list new additions to our site, new books, and recent developments that you may find interesting.

NEW!  Sunny Apartments: The Thought of Henry Wood (1834-1909), by Deb Whitehouse, Ed.D. Available in softcover and Kindle editions through Amazon by clicking on the links. This material originally appeared as a series of Philosopher’s Stone columns that I later edited. Alan vetted every word of them at my request. Only the first few new chapters came later. You can read the two introductory chapters on Amazon by clicking on “Look Inside”. Be sure to tell your friends and your church book store manager.

NEW!  Our friend Ron Hughes has just announced the availability of a hardcover edition of P.P. Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond.  This labor of love is the most complete and accurate edition of the Quimby writings ever available, and the edition that Alan assisted Ervin Seale with is now out of print.  Any serious New Thought scholar or anyone with an interest in nonlocal healing needs to become familiar with the work of  Quimby, "the father of New Thought", whose thinking anticipated many later scientific findings in such fields as quantum physics and hypnosis.  His reputation as a healer was well deserved, and he believed that he had rediscovered the lost healing methods of Jesus.  Ron has painstakingly arranged the writings for easy reference and added several that are only now seeing the light of day.  The large (81/2 x 11", 655 pages) paperback edition is available from Amazon (there is a direct link to it in our Book Store), but the new hardcover edition is available only through the P.P Quimby website, www.ppquimby.com .   Ron accepts a check, money order, or cashier's check for the mail orders:  US funds $57.95 for hardcover, $47.95 for paperback, plus $5.95 shipping and handling.   

NEW!  Check out Henry Wood's Page  (just click on its tab to the left).  Here is a list of all of Henry's books, which you can access from Google by clicking on the links given as titles.  Here also are the missing pages from Ideal Suggestion.

NEW!  The Philosopher's Stone is back in business!  Just click on the Newsletter tab.    

NEW!  See our new "New Thought Editorials" page for Deb's editorials in New Thought magazine from the past ten years or so.  These are constantly being added to.

NEW!  Dan Bates has created a Web site dedicated to Mildred Mann, with whom Alan studied in New York for a number of years, back while the earth's crust was still cooling.  We included a section on Mildred's teachings in our book, New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality (order through our Bookstore link to Amazon).  Mildred, as Dan points out, was a student of Emmet Fox and the founder of the Society of Pragmatic Mysticism, based on the practice of the Presence of God in the everyday world.  Dan's site includes her series of writings on the symbolic interpretation of the Bible.  Check it out:  www.hdbates.com .

NEW! Alan's long-lost article, New Thought and Postmodernism, first delivered in 1988 as a talk at the annual International New Thought Alliance Congress, has now surfaced at last on his Articles page.  Unfortunately, the footnotes came off on its flight through the air and were lost forever in the Deadly Desert.  But did you really care about them?  See the Summary.

Be sure to visit our  virtual Book Store regularly, as we are adding titles by other authors.  You can purchase our books and those of other authors by clicking on the link to Amazon below the title in our Book Store.  It will take you directly to the book listing, and if you then purchase the book, you will add to our prosperity! May your readings prosper you as well.  We have links to books by and about Emmet Fox and by Terry McBride (speaking of people who have had remarkable healings), among others.

Alan created the original INTA Web page back in 1995, about the time he created the New Thought Movement Home Page.  Since he is no longer able to maintain them, there is a new INTA Web page: www.newthoughtalliance.org  .  Be sure and check it out. 

Alan always loved to hear from those genuinely interested in REAL metaphysics, which is the branch of philosophy devoted to answering questions about what is real; i.e., how things have to be in order to be at all, or what the building blocks of the universe are.  He also loved to hear from those opposed to his position but willing to accept circumstances under which their point of view might be proven wrong.  He is kindly and sweet, but don't mess with him philosophically!