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Autumn 2002

Stronger Than Ever

By the time this issue is in your hands, the one-year anniversary of the events of September 11 will have come and gone. Life goes on. The United States is stronger than ever, more aware of the vital principles that it must defend and because of which it was attacked. Our form of government, the greatest in the history of the human race, goes on, and one by one, other countries around the world embrace it as allowing humans the greatest freedom and opportunity to live up to their God-given potential. We are united and strengthened by the rule of law (especially our Constitution), individual rights, the guarantee of property, and a common identity as Americans.

Our constitutional democratic way of government reflects our way of life: one where we are free to worship God as we wish, free to pursue happiness and prosperity as we wish, so long as we do not interfere with that same freedom for others. New Thought was born in this climate of freedom, and New Thoughters around the world support and enhance it. We are free to indulge in wretched excess, yes, and also free to learn from our mistakes and grow spiritually. Sometimes the tares have to grow along with the wheat for a while until we learn to tell them apart, as in Jesus’s parable. New Thought teaches us how to make the most of our wonderful freedoms, how to prosper in every way until our prosperity overflows, impelling us to work to prosper others in the same way that we have prospered.

The central rallying point for the New Thought movement, the clearinghouse of ideas, the umbrella organization where individuals and groups can come together for strengthening and sharing, is the International New Thought Alliance. It and its ancestor organizations for more than a hundred years have helped to spread this amazing body of teachings. And we have done it American style: we operate democratically in such a way that the majority rules, but the minorities are faithfully represented. At membership business meetings, any member in good standing is able to make his or her voice heard and to vote. All of us have an opportunity to shape the organization to some extent, to participate in it, not merely to attend as spectators.

Our Congress, held last July in Norfolk, Virginia, was an outstanding example of this principle in operation. In an area steeped in the history of the development of our nation and the military efforts necessary to preserve it, we had a boutique Congress, smaller than some in the past, but a little gem of inspiration to all who attended. Between the two sessions of the membership business meeting, a number of people signed up to become members and attend the second session, and we ended the Congress with more members than we began it! These new members were able to make their views known on a number of issues, including the need to expand the facilities of our "acre of diamonds" Archives. We recruited new District presidents with unprecedented alacrity, filling some long-vacant slots and creating a new and improved geographical arrangement. Yet in all this, we observed the rule of law, for both our Executive Board meetings and our membership meetings are run according to parliamentary procedure. And we had fun!

A longstanding INTA tradition is to have each Congress serve as the launching pad for the next, and if you did not attend in Norfolk, you need to scramble to get in line for Phoenix! Held at a brand-new Embassy Suites hotel in Paradise Valley, Arizona, it will be chaired by dynamic duo Bruce and Sheila Harris, who were giving out little bottles of authentic gold flakes in Norfolk to those willing to commit to Arizona in advance. Bruce and Sheila, new faces in INTA, will be joined by familiar faces Catherine Ponder and Johnnie Colemon, who will appear together. Talk about a star-studded program! People are already making hotel reservations to lock in the fabulous view, the free cooked breakfast, and the $69.00 daily price for a suite. An overflow hotel will be available, but you’ll want to be where the action is.

Our nation has been tried in the fire and emerged tempered and triumphant. New Thoughters around the world join us in celebrating the survival of our way of life and beliefs, stronger than ever.