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Autumn 2005

Streams of Healing

Another amazing Congress! Our theme was "Streams of Spiritual Empowerment—And How to Use Them," and we chose it at the beginning of the process of putting the Congress together. We always try to leave God some wiggle room, for as usual, God has a great sense of humor along with much better ideas than ours. We might well have expected to hear about streams of abundance, as we did from Russell Brumfield, our INTA Treasurer, who spoke of not merely streams, but oceans of abundance and crystallized reserves of abundance on snow-capped mountains. Russell, a self-made multimillionaire who has well-earned avalanches of abundance sitting on top of his own mountains, tends to get carried away with metaphors at times, and we should all emulate him! If you weren’t present for his talk, send for the audiotape and listen to it a few times (the tape order form is on page ).

An additional stimulating stream flowing at our Congress was the stream of healing. The recipient of this year’s Humanitarian award was Dr. Gladys McGarey, who is credentialed in both conventional and homeopathic medicine. Dr. McGarey, a family physician who has specialized in delivering healthy babies to healthy mothers, described in her acceptance speech recent research she and her brother have done in Afghanistan, which has the highest infant mortality rate in the world. She discovered that the mothers and their families were not observing the most basic wellness practices. Teaching these simple practices led to immediate improvement in one of the hitherto most backward parts of the world. If you weren’t at the banquet, be sure and send for the tape.

In the audience present to honor Dr. Gladys was her longtime friend and colleague, Dr. C. Norman Shealy, a Board-certified neurosurgeon and INTA Life Member, who has spent most of his professional career looking for ways to halt chronic pain, since pain is the number-one thing that brings people to a doctor’s office. He has been highly successful by using a combination of physical and nonphysical means of coaxing people back into a state of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness beyond the mere absence of disease. His talk describing his work on pain control and his new research into living far longer in a state of abundant wellness is also available on tape. Doctors Shealy and McGarey were co-founders and presidents of the American Holistic Medical Association.

The most amazing healing occurrence came when our Prayer Team captain, Chris Pusateri, was stopped in the hall by someone who insisted on receiving immediate prayer, with no time to fill out a card or convene a committee. In a matter of minutes, an eye that was swollen shut was restored to healthy normality!

New Thought began with the work of a healer, Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, a clockmaker and scientist in nineteenth-century New England. Quimby healed some 12,000 patients with ailments ranging from physical to psychological to spiritual by what he came to describe as the power of "mind acting upon mind". It wasn’t long before people realized that the same principles of God-aligned mental self-discipline—Quimby believed that he had rediscovered the lost healing methods of Jesus—could heal pocketbooks and relationships as well as bodies and minds.

Unfortunately, too many people believe that they can neglect the physical body and rely solely on mind or spirit. In New Thought, Unity co-founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore probably did the best job of emphasizing the importance of caring for "the body temple" with appropriate choices of food and drink, rest and activity. When Divine Science minister Emmet Fox stated, "If you are at an aspirin level of consciousness, take aspirin", he did not say it with a sneer. Although drugs should be used as a last resort, rather than the first thing one turns to, New Thought does not and should not pass judgement on those who give appropriate attention to the needs of the physical body, even though, that attended to, the next order of business is invariably to work on rising in consciousness.

Too many of us today are drowning in a stream of stress, not a stream of empowerment. We can switch streams by taking time to go into the silence and quietly think through the needs of our bodies and minds, as well as our spirits. That way, we will find the streams of living water that lead to health, wealth, and happiness.