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Summer 1998

Meeting in the Midsummer Sun

The sun is at its zenith, and we are nearing the time for members and friends of the International New Thought Alliance to come together in congress. This year, we are meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the Valley of the Sun. Our theme, "New Thought: Souls on Fire," is inspired by the mythical bird serving the sun god and known as the phoenix, which rises renewed from the ashes of the fire that has consumed it. The themes of passionate burning ardor and purifying, renewing fire are to be found in many of the articles in this issue, written by some who will be presenters at the Congress/Expo. We hope that they will whet your appetite for the excitement that awaits you there.

We New Thoughters are a wonderfully diverse bunch of people. We represent the entire spectrum of human personalities and temperaments, each with its own strengths to contribute. We blend respect for the past with desire to be on the cutting edge of newness. And our beliefs about God—whatever name we use for God—range anywhere from traditional theism to traditional pantheism with the newer panentheism falling somewhere in between, for we affirm the freedom of each individual in matters of belief. Some of us belong to one of the "major brands" of New Thought; others are independent. Some of us may care only about practicing the Presence of God for practical purposes; others may also wish to examine the theories and explanations that underlie our practice. Both perspectives are valuable. All of us are needed, for we all have something to contribute.

As we meet in congress, bringing together our differing perspectives, we enrich each other. Our differences stretch our minds and lead us to create something better than any one of us could have come up with alone. This, as author Stephen Covey has pointed out, is synergy: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As Covey puts it, if two of us see things exactly the same way, one of us is unnecessary.

We come together to create the future of New Thought out of a rich blend of past and possible. It is our differences, not a bland, unchanging, stale sameness, that revitalize our movement and keep it growing. God loves, leads, and lures us on to ever greater achievements individually and as a group.

Come join us in the joy of our annual gathering. Respect your own perspective, and value differing perspectives as well. Be ready to teach from your experience—and to learn from the experiences of others. Be ready to explore new possibilities while honoring old traditions. Be ready to have fun mingling minds with like-minded people, both renewing old friendships and making new ones. And when the spark of the divine found in each heart is fanned into flame, together we will be able to set the whole world on fire.