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Autumn 1997

Here's News---And It's All Good!

TA DA! The bray of the trumpet always heralds an important announcement. Sometimes it is breaking news: One of our frequent-faxing friends uses a cover page featuring news: a whimsical sketch of a trumpet spraying colored confetti (of course, one has to imagine the colors). Sometimes, it is marking the successful completion of a difficult feat as the performer, bathed in the spotlight, takes a bow. And sometimes it is marking the arrival of the cavalry, just in time to save the fort.

On this occasion, the trumpet is communicating all three. The restructuring of INTA, which began at the membership meeting last July, continued at INTA’s world headquarters in Mesa, Arizona, on August 27, when the newly elected board met in a remarkably productive and harmonious twelve-hour marathon session.

Democracy gets noisy and messy at times, but it can work wonderfully well. It did all of that on this occasion. When the dust settled, here is what emerged: Marguerite Goodall is no longer president, Leo Fishbeck is now president pro tem until the July 1998 membership meeting, and I, your second vice-president, was chosen the new editor-in-chief of this venerable publication, assigned the thoroughly happy task of sharing with all of you the great news of these recent developments.

INTA is an umbrella organization that has served the worldwide New Thought movement continuously since 1914, furnishing a communications network among the various branches of the movement. As we stand on the threshold of the new millennium, INTA continues to be a strong, vital organization, serving our common vision of diversity within universal unity.

Any organization, like any individual, runs into choppy waters at times. Such experiences enable it to gain strength, like the chick that must peck its way out of its shell, or the butterfly that must struggle to emerge from the cocoon in order to develop its wing strength. INTA is now emerging from such an experience. We as its leaders have formed ourselves into a balanced, diverse, self-directed work team dedicated to serving the membership that elected it in a principle-centered, character-based fashion. We are working to update our bylaws. We are planning specific activities and contacts at the grassroots level to ensure that INTA serves all its individual an group members, regardless of size. You will be hearing more about these soon.

There is much excitement in planning the 1998 Expo/Congress, to be held in Scottsdale, Arizona, July 13-19. It’s shaping up wonderfully. Our theme, appropriate for the location and for the reinventing of INTA, is "New Thought: Souls on Fire". The redoubtable Dr. Johnnie Colemon and Dr. Catherine Ponder, two world renowned New Thought institutions, will be speakers. Many of your favorite speakers will also be there, along with some exciting newcomers, to keep our ideas fresh and up-to-date. Arrangements are under way for accommodations at an outstanding hotel in beautiful surroundings—and at prices that will give you sticker shock—in reverse! You’ll be able to afford to bring the family. We’ll be supplying the details just as soon as they are confirmed, so you can begin your planning.

Among the highlights of the ‘98 Expo/Congress will be tours of the INTA Archives building, where New Thought movement history is kept alive, and materials are preserved for scholars of the future. We are open at the top, forever moving forward, and at the same time, we never forget our roots. Come and learn more about the history of New Thought.

Another highlight will be a special ceremony symbolizing the purifying fire from which the phoenix rises, renewed. It will provide an opportunity for each of us in attendance to choose to be renewed and transformed as we follow our own individual spiritual paths.

All of us on the Board are eager to hear your suggestions and comments on how INTA can serve its members better. Please feel free to write to us or to buttonhole us as you encounter us in our wanderings. One particularly good opportunity to do so is coming up on October 16 and 17. The Society for the Study of Metaphysical Religion (SSMR), which works closely with INTA, is holding its third Annual Regional Conference on those dates at the Emma Curtis Hopkins Theological Seminary in Clearwater, Florida. Five presenters will give papers, and Board member C. Alan Anderson, of Curry College, will give the plenary address, titled "Pluralistic Idealism". Several other Board members plan to participate.

One final matter: In response to many recent inquiries, your Board wants you to know that the International New Thought Alliance is not to be confused with a new organization called "Association For Global New Thought", which has no institutional affiliation with INTA, nor does it participate in the current vision of INTA.

INTA continues to be dedicated to the positive blessings of unity for our diverse New Thought members. INTA is alive and well, growing and unfolding in new, exciting ways—and welcomes you to share our vision.

INTA is now healthier than ever. It remains the only democratically organized, grassroots-based, solidly founded umbrella organization that equally serves large and small New Thought churches, centers, and individuals. It is dedicated to ensuring diversity of outlooks and operation within the wide spectrum of New Thought beliefs and practices. It continues to work to conserve the rich New Thought heritage, to promote the most constructive thinking possible in the present, and to provide a solid foundation for the future of New Thought and the world.