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Autumn 1998

Fall 1998

More than just souls were on fire at the INTA Congress/Expo held in Scottsdale last July. The mercury hit a record-breaking 117 degrees! But in the air-conditioned comfort of the Ramada Valley Ho Resort, we came together in celebration. It’s been a wonderful year for INTA as we got ourselves back on track and began roaring forward like the true New Thoughters that we are. In addition to spellbinding speeches by Johnnie Colemon, Catherine Ponder, Arthur Chang, Wally Amos, and other notables, we had workshops on the practical aspects of building a church or a life, healing a person or an organization. Rejoicing in the richness of our differences, we honored individuals and institutions, clergy and laity, each with a different point of view. We had leaders from big-city churches alongside a minister from the jungles of Peru who has a church without walls. We had mystics, academics, high-techies, and just plain folks. We had an army of dedicated volunteers making things run well. We worked toward a better tomorrow in the light of the knowledge gleaned from yesterday. And, just for the joy of it, Life Members attended a magnificent party hosted by Life Member Catherine Ponder.

Perhaps the best symbol of our progress was our well-attended membership meeting. After much discussion and a bit of amending, we adopted some much-needed changes in our Constitution. We heard reports on efforts to raise the calibre of New Thought education, along with efforts to reach out to like-minded groups outside New Thought. We learned of our progress in cyberspace, including the new prayer groups forming under the leadership of Fran Lancaster (you can email her at; and while you’re at it, check out the newly redecorated New Thought Movement Home Page and INTA Home Page at And we enthusiastically elected a new Executive Board, with Catherine Ponder moving to cast a unanimous ballot. The new Board, headed by President Blaine Mays, is already hard at work on next year’s Congress, to be held in Clearwater, Florida, on the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. Unity Clearwater, under the leadership of senior minister Leddy Hammock, will be hosting the celebration.

And speaking of reaching out, from INTA your Editor together with Board member and spouse Alan Anderson carried the New Thought banner to a conference of process thinkers gathered from all over the world in Claremont, California, in August. We were enthusiastically received, and people wanted to learn more about New Thought, both "brand-name" and generic. These process thinkers included Buddhists, Jews, Christians, and Muslims, with a group from Japan that was familiar with Seicho-No-Ie, the Asian branch of New Thought.

So we’re on the move! The Scottsdale Congress/Expo was both a spiritual and financial success. If you haven’t already renewed your individual or group membership, now would be a great time. In fact, as St. Paul put it, "now is the accepted time" (2Co 6:2). And mark your calendar for Clearwater July 27 - August 1, 1999.