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Summer 2001

Bustin' Out

"June is bustin’ out all over!" goes the old song from the musical comedy Carousel. We find ourselves bustin’ out of doors, enjoying the beautiful weather and the change to a more leisurely pace that summer brings to many of us. We’re celebrating our many freedoms.

On the other hand, some of us are bustin’ out of our clothes as a result of too much hibernation and not enough exercise! We may be having difficulty bustin’ out of old habits, old ways of thinking, or old situations, all of which limit our freedom to live up to our divine potential. We may be failing to use our power of discernment to think things through for ourselves rather than accepting what someone else says because it makes us feel good.

All of us have some degree of free will, from the tiniest subatomic particle/occasion of experience up to the societies of experiences known as you and me (and of course, you and I have far more freedom than the subatomic particle. Our free will is our power to bust out. If it were impossible for us to sin (an old archery term mean miss the mark), we would not be free. There is no glory for God or for us in being puppets on strings. The price of our freedom is responsibility, our choosing to be proactive in the management of our lives. The way we preserve our freedom is by exercising self-discipline.

This is not a call to blame ourselves for our shortcomings or make victims of ourselves. Jesus didn’t say, "Beat yourself up"; he said, "Sin no more," meaning to look and listen for God’s guidance and then follow it. God speaks to us through heart and mind, and through universal moral principles found in every culture and time.

Many of us are wonderfully blessed by living in a constitutional republic that guarantees us the rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," as Jefferson put it in the Declaration of Independence. Those rights necessitate that we as individuals take responsibility for developing the knowledge and self-discipline to run our lives smoothly and in balance. We don’t wait for government, guru, or church to do it for us; we feel the presence of God at work in us and get busy co-creating a wonderful life with God. We seek the highest good for ourselves and others, and we keep working until we get it, synergizing without compromising.

Freedom to bust out comes from self-discipline. A balance of freedom and self-discipline means that we are confident of our power and worth as the offspring of God yet at the same time humbly teachable, willing to learn from anyone, anywhere; for God is present in everyone, everywhere, our ultimate Source of wisdom. A balance of freedom and self-discipline, of intellect and emotion, of respect for both ourselves and others, leads us to the state of happiness that we are free to pursue.

Many of the presenters scheduled for the annual INTA Congress in Las Vegas this year have contributed writings for this issue. You are free to pursue happiness by reading them and then attending the Congress. As always, there will be opportunities for you to grow in peace of mind, health of body, harmonious relationships, and financial prosperity through what you learn and experience there. Come bust out with us!