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Autumn 2012

Another Great New Thought Layman

One of the great comforts to me during my current series of interesting times challenges is the writings of Dana Gatlin. She wrote numerous articles for Unity publications, many of which were gathered into a Unity book, God is the Answer(1938), the one that I am enjoying at present.

There are few details about Dana’s private life (at this point, I feel that I know her well enough to call her by her Christian name). She was a journalist who heard of Unity from a friend who had been healed by turning to Silent Unity for help. Dana became interested in Unity literature, and experienced a miraculous healing by means of "repeated affirmations and study". She had a gift for describing her own thoughts and feelings and how they changed as she concentrated on God instead of the problem. Her fine tunings are particularly helpful to those of us who are struggling to grow spiritually. Her books are out of print, and a new Kindle edition would be welcome. Meanwhile, here are a few tidbits from God is the Answer:

"This plan has worked for me: In every human difficulty I have learned to center on God as the way out. God is the answer!" "Don’t think so much about your plight. Don’t scheme and fret so much regarding what you should personally do about it. . . . This necessitates a valiant spirit of ‘I-trust-in-God’ on your part. It means that you must give up completely your mortal doubts and fears, your thoughts of lack and hardship and limitation and of issues that you think must be met solely through the medium of personal efforts and responsibility. Let God be responsible!" "Turn to God in every vicissitude or emergency of your daily life. Se Him rather than the undesired situation."

"We cannot hedge with God or prevail on Him to change His dictum. Though He loves us truly, and much as He wishes us to glorify Him by prospering, He will not alter for any individual the great, splendid principle by which we exist as units in His scheme of life and growth. . . . The law is irrevocable, and we can see it demonstrated in everything pertaining to the natural world. This very irrevocability is our greatest safeguard and protection, and our greatest human hope." Thinking about the parable of the talents, she comments: "I asked myself several searching questions. What were the things I had prayed God to give me? Why had many of the prayers not been answered? Was it God’s fault or mine? Had I recognized all the gifts He had already given me, and used these according to my fullest ability? . . . What are my talents—your talents—and how are we using them?"

"God has given us the power to think. One of my own greatest thrills came when it dawned on me for the first time what this actually means. I had pondered the glory and majesty of God, speculated and yearned and prayed to become identified with the wonder-working God power, and then it suddenly came to me—why, I had it! The power to believe! to choose my beliefs! This power of mental choice, of absolute freedom, and of pure, unswerving conviction was my point of union with my almighty Creator; my own, inalienable identification with God power! With this power I could create even as God creates. . . . Through this power of mental choice, belief, and pure conviction I was one with the very power of God!"

"Once I wrote an article on mental control. In this I told of my tremendous discovery that my mind is my own domain and that I am responsible for every thought I harbor in it. Some time later it came to me that my heart is a throne of God’s love. It is the deep, invisible, vital place in me where God pours Himself forth to change and enlarge my own nature, to quicken, redeem, an bless it. It is the place in me where I know God and live with Him. My heart is a throne of God’s love, of all His mercies and blessings. There is my individual ‘kingdom’."

Do try to track down a second-hand copy of God is the Answer. Then read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest it.