New Thought Editorials > And All God's People Said, "Wow!"


Autumn 1999

And All God's People Said, "Wow!"

What an incredible time we all had at the 84th Annual Congress! In the beautiful Safety Harbor setting, we enjoyed the famous water with its healing power from the Espiritu Santo Springs. We renewed old friendships and added new ones with people we otherwise might never have met. We relaxed in hammocks or received massages from the experienced hands of the Safety Harbor Spa staff. We swam, walked, or manatee-watched. We sang, prayed, meditated, affirmed, cried, laughed, and healed. We did t’ai chi chih, an entire auditorium full of us, and it didn’t hurt a bit!

We learned. We integrated the spiritual, mental emotional, and environmental components of our lives. We examined the ethical basis of New Thought and found that it was solidly in place. We discovered a new year-long program to teach the Twelve Powers that we all have. We found delightful ways to help grow a church, from lively music to hilarious spoofs on fairy tales as ways to teach spiritual principles. We looked at language, at social solutions, at ways to teach children about New Thought. We reexamined the philosophical foundations of New Thought at the SSMR session. We had an open forum with members of the Executive Board, where individuals could ask any question they wished Board members to answer. And we reminisced with James Dillet Freeman as he accepted the Blaine C. Mays Lifetime Achievement Award.

We worked. We had a productive and effective membership business meeting, in which members voted to adopt a revised version of the Bylaws that the Executive Board has been hard at work on for the past two years. We feasted and frolicked at the banquet, dancing to a terrific band in a ballroom that wizardry had transformed into a canopy of twinkling stars. We wrapped it all up with a Latin beat, flowers flying through the air, and a conga line, as we began to look forward to next year’s Congress in San Antonio. Ai, yi yi! Finally, we said farewell by passing one-inch diameter transparent aqua disks with the word "Life" from hand to hand as we stood in a huge circle around the auditorium. There’s so much more that space does not permit me to include. We departed with minds and hearts overflowing with new ideas, new joy, new hope, new love, new unity.

Oh, yes, the Archives:  Another achievement of the 84th Congress was the formation of an Archives committee consisting of members of both SSMR and INTA. Protocols are in place, a Web site now exists; and in the very near future, you will be able to sit at your home computer and browse a listing of the Archives contents. And of course, we welcome additional submissions. As we enter the year 2000, several New Thoughters have suggested that this illustrious publication should wrap up the century by featuring interviews with, or reminiscences of, some of the outstanding New Thought figures of the twentieth century. So you are hereby invited to send us interviews and reminiscences, along with whatever you have in the way of photographs or other memorabilia. We will publish them as space permits, and, if you so specify, add them to the Archives.

And, finally, we are proud to announce that, beginning with this issue, outstanding twentieth-century New Thought figure Catherine Ponder has graciously consented—with some arm twisting by your editor—to write for us a regular column, "Ponderings," which will include her own reminiscences about other New Thought greats. Plan to come next year to San Antonio, and if you’re not already an INTA member, this is a great time to join. Membership includes a subscription to the magazine with its ongoing reminiscences alongside the new column about New Thought on the Internet. Clergy or laity, individual or group, you are welcome. And we’re sure you’ll join us in a "Wow!"