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This page when completed will list links to other valuable material—and a few other sites—already on the Web. It does not claim to be a complete listing of everyone and everything connected with New Thought or process thought.

For the obituary that I created for the academic institutions with which Alan was affiliated, see his (C. Alan Anderson) Author Page on

Ron Hughes has miraculously rescued Alan's old 1995 web site from the trash heap and restored it as far as possible.  It is now restored and available at See Newsletter for Feb. 17, 2015.

Center for Process Studies:
This organization, co-founded by process philosopher David Ray Griffin and process theologian John Cobb, is the hub of all serious scholarship concerning process thought.


Articles by Alan not listed under "Writings-Alan" on this site:

New Thought: A Link Between East and West (Parliament talk)

Metaphysics in the Metaphysical Movement

Some Steps in Learning Process Thought

Contrasting Strains of Metaphysical Idealism

The Healing Idealism of P. P. Quimby, W. F. Evans, and the New Thought Movement

Nuggets of information on NT & other outlooks

Bible interpretation

Baker’s Dozen Alternative expl for basic beliefs of NT

A New Thought Centennial: Events of a century ago which helped mold the New Thought movement of today. Ron Hughes has put it online for the first time. It was first published in 1966 in the New Thought Quarterly.

Here is a link to the paper Alan gave at the 25th Annual Whitehead Conference in 1998:

Alan’s "Metaphysics in the Metaphysical Movement", presented at the Regional SSMR Conference in 1999, is online at

Alan’s God is Not All, But God is In All, So be of Good Cheer is online at


Articles by Deb not listed under "Writings-Deb" on this site:

Accept Your Freedom to be Whole

The Mystical and the Occult of Psychic (mystocc.htm)

Process Philosophy and the New Thought Movement

Deb’s Practicing the Presence of God for Practical Purposes: Balance, a sneak preview of our second book, presented at the SSMR session held at the INTA Expo in 1997 is online at

Deb’s Lost Threads in New Thought, a presentation to the SSMR in 1999, is online at


Henry Drummond Links:

Here are links to Drummond’s online books (at the bottom of the page):


If we could only pick one New Thought author to take to a desert island, the greatest single New Thought author for applying New Thought principles to daily life and for symbolic ("metaphysical") Bible interpretation is Emmet Fox. His student, Joanne Corsiatto, and her husband, Cecil, have created an Emmet Fox website at .

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby site:
This site was created by Ronald A. Hughes, who has done what at least three of us with earned academic doctorates agree is the equivalent of a doctoral dissertation on all aspects of the life and work of Quimby, who is known as "the father of New Thought". The Philosopher turned all the support materials on Quimby from his own dissertation over to Ron, who has added to it and rearranged the Quimby Manuscripts in a far more complete form than the previous Dresser or Seale editions.

The New Thought Movement Home Page

This is the web page created in 1995 by the Philosopher, C. Alan Anderson, Ph.D.  It existed through the courtesy of Brad Jensen, founder and proprietor of Electronic Storage Corporation for many years.  Many of the links connected from it are now dead, but the material that Alan placed on it is still available.  It now resides on Ron Hughes's P. P. Quimby site with as many links as possible restored.