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New Thought in Theory

New Thought, in theory, is an understanding of all reality as spiritual, comprehensively grasped as a form of metaphysical idealism, whether traditionally substance-oriented or, as now seems more productive, process-oriented idealism.

In both theory and practice, New Thought is founded on the Oneness of all reality as divine healing—in all ways knowable, and one’s only, all-sufficient and ultimately sound resource.

The following paragraphs are excerpted, with slight modification, from my brief writing called “What New Thought Is.”

New Thought is a collection of related ways of attaining fuller living in all dimensions, including health, prosperity, and deep happiness.  New Thought works by helping people to become liberated from limiting notions of what God is like and by teaching them ways of using their minds to practice the presence of God in daily living.  God is experienced as the universal love-intelligence constantly active in everyone’s life and existing [as?] oneself.  New Thought realizes that God provides us with everything that we could want and that we need only train ourselves to be fully receptive to the divine abundance in order to enjoy the greatest degree of satisfaction.
New Thought’s affinity with the great metaphysical idealisms of all times, as well as the popular misconception that metaphysics is largely or entirely focused on that which is beyond the physical, resulted in New Thought often being called “metaphysics.”  New Thought emphasizes the practical use of a metaphysical position affirming the allness of divine spirit.  This outlook is joined with affirmation of positive states of living and meditation to promote mystical awareness of unity with God.  Unlike some Eastern and Western forms of thought which deny the reality of the world, New Thought affirms that the universe is real, as God’s body.  Dis-ease of all sorts is real as an appearance and temporary expression of human use of creativity, but the greater reality is the all-encompassing divine presence, whole-hearted identification with which replaces negative conditions with the positive ones constantly offered to us by God.
New Thought is not magic, which attempts to impose one’s own will on whatever powers may be (white magic if intended for good, black magic if intended for evil); New Thought is for aligning oneself with the divine will for good in one’s own life and for all that is.  New Thought practice is essentially applied mysticism, which is personal awareness of God as all-sufficient love.